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Cardio3 BioSciences Acquires CorQuest Medical

Cardio3 BioSciences recently announced that it has acquired CorQuest Medical Inc. Financial terms were not disclosed. CorQuest Medical is a U.S.-based company that develops new devices and technologies for cardiac surgery. CorQuest Medical’s co-founder, Dr. Didier De Cannière is the inventor on a number of U.S. Patent Applications directed to establishing a minimally-invasive access route to a patient’s left atrium (for example, patent/applications 1, 2, 3, etc.). Cardio3 BioSciences is a Belgian biopharmaceutical company focused on developing the “Cardiopoiesis platform,” which, according to the company’s website, drives differentiation of multipotent stem cells into new cardiac progenitor cells.

Dr. Christian Homsy, CEO of Cardio3 Biosciences, comments:

 As part of our business strategy of building further on our cardiovascular diseases expertise, we have been actively seeking to acquire technologies that complement our existing medical devices for treating severe heart conditions. . . . The development of this technology will enable Cardio3 BioSciences to build on its leadership position in innovative therapies and devices for cardiovascular diseases.

According to Cardio3 BioSciences’ press release, the CorQuest technology platform is fully complementary with Cardio3 BioSciences’ C-Cathez® and C-Cure® programs. Cardio3 BioSciences intends to progress the device through clinical and regulatory approval processes, with the aim of obtaining CE mark approval by the end of 2016.