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AngioLight Forms Partnership With MTIA

Interventional cardiology medical device company AngioLight announced today that it has formed a partnership with Medical Technologies Innovation Asia (MTIA).  According to AngioLight’s press release, MTIA will perform safety, animal and clinical studies of AngioLight’s diagnostic catheter in exchange for equity in AngioLight.  AngioLight’s newly appointed president, Gary Saxton, will oversee the partnership.

In the press release, AngioLight’s president states:

While the worldwide market potential for our device is clear, we see a uniquely high growth opportunity in China, where the patient need exists and an advancing healthcare system is moving towards improved standards of care. Our collaboration with MTIA will allow us to capitalize on this opportunity with expert, on-the-ground resources who can help move our technology through the development phase and into the hands of physicians.

According to the press release, AngioLight has developed a light-based diagnostic catheter to improve proper stent sizing and placement.  AngioLight is based in Medford, Massachusetts.  MTIA is a medical device company headquartered in Hong Kong, with manufacturing and sales facilities throughout China.  AngioLight’s press release is available here.