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Intellirod Spine Signs Licensing and Distribution Agreements With X-Spine Systems Inc.

Intellirod Spine LLC is, according to its website, a medical device company developing wireless sensing technologies for use in spinal care.  According to Orthopedic Design and Technology, Loadpro is the company’s forthcoming disposable microelectronic sensor, which is designed to be used in conjunction with rod-based pedicle screw systems for corrective spinal surgeries.  During the surgery, the Loadpro system clamps onto a spinal rod and allows surgeons to monitor rod strain levels. The Intellirod website indicates that their system based on measuring strain is “patented” and references U.S. Pat. No. 7,357,037.

According to Richard Navarro, CEO of Intellirod, the Loadpro system is expected to provide surgeons the information they need to balance loads and perform more consistent corrective procedures, resulting in improved outcomes, fewer complications, and lower post-operative care costs.

News5 reports that on March 24, 2015, Intellirod Spine entered into licensing and distribution agreements with X-Spine Systems Inc. to use X-Spine’s rod-based pedicle screw system, Fortex, in conjunction with the Loadpro.  Intellirod Spine plans to test the pairing in initial alpha site launches later this year, with the hopes that it will lead to FDA approval of Loadpro later this year.

PRNewswire notes that an implantable version of the sensor, the Accuvista, is also currently in development to aid surgeons in monitoring rod strains, even after the surgery has been completed (such as during a routine post-operative visit).