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PilotFish Announces MedDevice Connection App

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHII) recently announced a new application called HealthConnect.  APHII is the healthcare division of PilotFish Technology, a provider of middleware solutions for the healthcare industry that is based in Middletown, CT.  HealthConnect is a platform agnostic application that resides on an Apple or Android smart device and enables integration with supported health and medical devices.  APHII states that HealthConnect works with any health or medical device that communicates with a smart device (such as Apple’s HealthKit or Google’s Android) via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth.

Monica Vainius, EVP of APHII, explained the benefits of the application:

The ease with which HealthConnect facilitates integration between all entities in the mHealth ecosystem brings remote patient monitoring to a new level.  Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), patient care coordination organizations, mHealth providers, and others can immediate benefit from PilotFish’s HealthConnect solution to achieve interoperability beyond the limited number of systems and applications that they are currently integrated with today.

PilotFish states that the HealthConnect application connects the smart device to the PilotFish eiPlatform Integration Engine, which provides the capability to transform data into any format and transmit the data using any communications protocol.  The application can be used to deliver data to a target system, such as Patient Monitoring, Patient Portal, Analytics, or another system, application, or database.