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FDA Approves Wellaho Mobile Monitoring Platform

Sanitas, Inc., announced today that it received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration for its Wellaho system.  According to its press release, Wellaho’s Personalized Outpatient Management System™ has been approved as a 510(K) class II medical device.  The press release states that the Wellaho system is a web-based and mobile platform that allows providers a secure, HIPAA compliant tool to supervise and monitor patients with chronic conditions between office visits.

The CEO of Sanitas, Inc. states:

Patients with chronic conditions need a web of care, coming from the best that providers and technology can offer. Given the tsunami of new apps and technologies that hit the market each year, both patients and providers need the highest validation for the products and services they use. Now, with the FDA’s approval, Wellaho offers one more reason for providers and patients to trust that we can provide a safe, secure, and effective solution for managing their care.

According to the press release, the Wellaho system is currently deployed in clinical studies at UC San Diego Health Services.  Sanitas, Inc.’s press release is available through PRNewswire here.