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scPharmaceuticals Announces Partnership with Sensile Medical on a Diuretic Minipump for CHF

scPharmaceuticals LLC announced today a strategic partnership and product development agreement with Sensile Medical Holding AG under which the companies will collaborate on a new treatment option for patients with heart failure.  According to the press release, scPharmaceuticals has developed a reformulation of the diuretic furosemide, which is currently administered in tablet form or intravenously.  The press release states that Sensile and scPharmaceuticals plan to develop and manufacture a drug-device combination using Sensile’s SenseCore technology in a wearable minipump to deliver scPharmaceutical’s furosemide product subcutaneously.

Dr. Bertram Pitt, one of the co-founders of scPharmaceuticals, stated:

This innovative product is expected to provide rapid and more effective diuretic therapy that can be used at home under physician guidance when the patient experiences symptoms of decompensation.  We expect that this innovative approach will in many cases avert the need for emergency or in-hospital care, and for those patients who still require hospitalization, their hospital stay will be shortened and their outcomes improved.