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AT&T Teams Up with biotricity to Power Wearable Medical Devices

AT&T Teams Up with biotricity to Power Wearable Medical Devices

biotricity, a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company, recently announced its partnership with AT&T, in which the internet service provider will serve as the preferred network to power biotricity’s wearable medical devices.

According to a biotricity press release, AT&T “will power biotricity’s wearable medical devices with near real-time connectivity for data transmission which supports the company’s vision of creating a true Internet of Things (IoT) enabled wearable medical device.”

FinancialBuzz quotes Steve Burger, AVP of Business Development and Connected Health, AT&T IoT Solutions as saying:

IoT will support a new generation of medical devices capable of transmitting data on an ongoing basis that help push care outside of the hospital and allow for continuous care virtually wherever the patient goes. By wireless enabling their devices, biotricity will help enable caregivers and healthcare institutions to use their patients’ data in near real-time to make informed and timely decisions.

biotricity’s press release states that AT&T connectivity is expected to commence by the end of the year, with the release of biotricity’s flagship product, the bioflux cardiac heart monitor.  biotricity explains that the bioflux system monitors a patient’s heart rhythm and transmits the data in real-time via a built-in cellular radio to a 24-hour monitoring lab – if the data indicates that the patient is in cardiac distress, the monitoring center can contact the patient and offer assistance.

According to biotricity’s website, the company was founded in 2010 with a focus on developing innovative technology in the remote patient monitoring industry.  In addition to bioflux, biotricity plans to launch a product called biolife, which is currently in the development stage.  biotricity’s website describes biolife as a “health and lifestyle solution” that “combines medical data feedback with a lifestyle log and social-media support.”