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J&J Expands Space for Startups

MedCityNews reports that Johnson & Johnson (J&J) recently added space to its San Diego innovation center, a shared laboratory space that gives startups access to lab space without having to commit to additional capital.   Startups rent the space and wet lab units they need on a short term basis and can expand when they have the ability to do so.

According to MedCityNews, the open plan design of the “concept lab” is designed to spark interaction between entrepreneurs and help J&J identify opportunities for investment:

Janssen Labs is part of a wider effort by J&J to enlist creative deal making strategies, to position itself to spot opportunities early.  It also helps make the medical device and big pharma business appear more welcoming to innovation and early stage companies, who face the daunting challenge of convincing private investors and companies to invest in their business.

J&J reportedly plans to open similar labs for startups in Boston, China and Europe, staffing the centers with experts who will identify early stage innovations.