Clinical Resources

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Search through the official CDC website for reliable health information and statistics. provides a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials. It includes information about the purpose, participants and locations of a trial, as well as phone numbers for more details.
Find information about the export licensing process and determine what you should know before exporting your product(s). Information includes export licenses for embargoed countries, as well as to non-embargoed countries where the medical device software is encrypted.
Search this database from the Department of Health and Human Services for problems or adverse events related to medical devices.
Genomic Testing Cooperative (GTC) is a molecular biology lab (both CLIA and CAP) specialized in complete (DNA and RNA) molecular profiling of cancer for the purpose of selecting therapy.  GTC mission is to make this profiling affordable and available for every patient with cancer. GTC innovation is focused on using next generation sequencing (NGS) of DNA and RNA to profile the molecular abnormalities driving the cancer and make recommendation for therapy.  In addition, GTC is developing new NGS approaches that may disrupt the conventional diagnostic industry and replace flow cytometry testing, cytogenetic, FISH testing, and the subjective morphologic evaluation.    We are co-operative company.  Our goal is to innovate and democratize NGS, and make it affordable and available for every patient with cancer.  Our AI software for analysis and interpretation of data increase efficiency and highly adaptable for innovation and discovery. Open for collaborative research. Contact Arie Shen at or 949.235.4375
Imaging Analytics University (IAU) is a repository of information designed to educate, inform and engage 
researchers, medical device professionals, and others with an interest in utilizing imaging in clinical trials, preclinical research, product development and workflow automation.
We assume full responsibility for the entire process of obtaining reimbursement, funding or out-of-pocket payment – from start to finish. This includes the development of a preliminary reimbursement strategy for each country, and guidance through the development of your product. We’ve successfully guided hundreds of life science clients from around the world in commercializing their medical devices, drugs and apps. We cover 15 countries with our team of local experts, assembled according to each clients’ selected target markets and phase within the reimbursement process. Based on our extensive experience, we provide our clients with a transparent flat-fee model, clear deliverables and set timelines. Contact Arie Shen at or 949.235.4375
Part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the NIH is the United States’ medical research agency. It makes medical discoveries that improve health and save lives.