Clinical Services

Advance Research Associates has been helping pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies with clinical trials for 15 years. If you’re looking for a seasoned team to work directly with you on biostatistics and data management, then take a closer look at ARA.
Clinical Trials Consultant is here to help you take your medical device to the next level. As independent contractors we specialize in Global and Domestic Clinical Trials and have extensive experience in combination products.
Imaging Analytics University (IAU) is a repository of information designed to educate, inform and engage 
researchers, medical device professionals, and others with an interest in utilizing imaging in clinical trials, preclinical research, product development and workflow automation.
IMARC Research has been in business for over a decade and has emerged as a well-respected, high-quality clinical monitoring company. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the contract research organization serves to ensure the protection of research participants through clinical monitoring and auditing.
Infuse creates high-end custom training solutions for its clients. The company offers a wide variety of learning products including: 3D animation for surgical procedures, deployment of learning management systems, including learning assessments to track results, interactive simulations to create mental models for the user, and marketing collateral for tradeshow events.
Specializing in the needs of the smaller device company, Innoventz delivers expert services in clinical data management consulting, case report forms (eCRFs), and data systems.
M Squared Associates provides a full range of regulatory, quality and clinical consulting services to US and international medical technology firms, specializing in devices and combination products that are reviewed by FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).
MD3 Medevice Consulting works with emerging companies and entrepreneurs to bring innovative medical devices to market by leveraging our vast industry expertise in product development, clinical applications, and business development.
Since 1979, Medmarc has offered superior insurance solutions for the medical technology and life sciences industry. Medmarc teams with The Hartford and Biomedic-Insure to offer comprehensive all-lines insurance to manufacturers and distributors of medical technology and life sciences products. Request a quote today and find out how Medmarc can satisfy all your insurance needs.
MCRA’s regulatory department guides orthopaedic technologies through FDA approval at any point of the device life-cycle from pre-clinical testing to FDA submission, market approval, and post-commercialization. MCRA’s reimbursement services guide orthopaedic technologies throughout multiple healthcare economic pathways.
TrialMed is an organization that focuses on early start-up and mature companies that need clinical, regulatory and marketing expertise, low cost medical animation in the life science industry. We also help innovators find the shortest and most logical regulatory and clinical path for their products success and commercialization. Starting with the proof of concept clinical studies, to providing logistics to US and international clinical trials, we also help you find expertise through our network in R&D, Quality, Regulatory and Clinical.
Wigmore Insurance offers risk management and insurance for the life science and medical device industries. Please ask for Graham or email him at