Medical Device Coverage and Reimbursement Conference – Q1 Productions


July 16 - 17, 2012

Chicago, IL

6th Annual Medical Device Coverage and Reimbursement Conference

Q1 Productions has produced its 6th Annual Medical Device Coverage and Reimbursement Conference to be unlike any other. It has steadily ranked as one of the top attended conferences due in part to the surge in industry development and competitive products, as well as increasing financial constraints which has made obtaining funding for devices even more challenging. Capitalizing off five consecutive years of informative and interactive meetings focusing on securing funding for medical devices, this year’s event will address timely subjects such as health care reform and how it has and will reshape the device reimbursement landscape as well as the increased use of pay for performance or incentive-based pay systems.

Of course, perhaps the greatest challenge to reimbursement is understanding the various payer perspectives, from CMS to private payers to actual consumers, and recognizing the evidence required for each to support coverage and integration of new products. Through a variety of key payer, industry and government perspectives, this program will deliver on unparalleled networking and knowledge share opportunities.

More details: http://www.q1productions.com/devicereimbursement/Index.php