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Acantha LLC v. NuVasive, Inc. (new lawsuit filed)

Defendant: NuVasive, Inc.

Court: E.D. Michigan

Date: Mar 06, 2019

Docket: 4-19-cv-10656

Judge: Judge Matthew F. Leitman

Acantha LLC has sued NuVasive, Inc. in the Eastern District of Michigan for infringement of U.S. Patent No. RE43008 (“Orthopedic implant assembly).  Acantha accuses the “NuVasive Helix Anterior Cervical Plate (“ACP”) family of systems (NuVasive Helix ACP, NuVasive Helix Mini ACP, NuVasive Helix-T ACP, and NuVasive Helix-Revolution ACP)” of infringement.

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