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Wright Medical Tech., Inc. v. Paragon 28, Inc. (new lawsuit filed)

Defendant: Paragon 28, Inc.

Court: D. Colo.

Date: Mar 26, 2018

Docket: 1-18-cv-00691

Judge: Magistrate Judge Scott T. Varholak

Wright Medical Technology, Inc. has sued Paragon 28, Inc. in the District of Colorado for infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,771,457; 8,100,954; 9259,251, 9,259,252, 9259,253, 9545,278 (all entitled “Orthopedic plate for use in small bone repair”); 8,118,846 and 9,078,710 (“Orthopedic plates for use in clavicle repair and methods for their use”); and 8,118,848 (“Orthopedic plate for use in fibula repair”).  Wright accuses Paragon’s “Gorilla R3CON Plating Systems,” “Baby Gorilla Mini Plating Systems,” the “PROMO Triplanar Hallux Calgus Correction System,” and the “Gorilla Caspar Device” of infringing the the above patents both indirectly and directly.

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