Intellectual Property, Due Diligence and Audits

The firm represents numerous medical device start-up companies and medical-focused venture capital firms, and plays an active role in the intellectual property due diligence process.  For the start-up company, the firm assists in developing a strategic intellectual property portfolio geared to the company’s business goals.  As part of this process, the firm offers its clients an intellectual property audit by which it will review the scope of the company’s IP, any ownership/licensing issues, and the company’s risk of infringing third party patents.  Performing this audit will help the company avoid any surprises that may arise in the IP due diligence process.  The firm also conducts IP due diligence for venture capital firms and acquiring companies to assess the IP position of a target company.  William B. Bunker, Gerard von Hoffmann, Mark R. Benedict, Sabing H. Lee, Rabinder N. Narula and Salima A. Merani are particularly experienced in due diligence matters, both from the perspective of the acquirer/investor and the target company.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Gerard von Hoffmann in our Orange County, California office.