Licensing / Strategic Alliances

Technology transfers in the medical device industry are common.  These transfers typically take the form of traditional license agreements or so-called “strategic alliances,” including partnerships and joint venture corporations.  The firm has considerable experience in negotiating and drafting such agreements. William B. Bunker, Gerard von Hoffmann, Arthur S. Rose, Ned A. Israelsen, and Lori Yamato are particularly active in this area of practice.

Appropriate agreements concerning the transfer of technology are particularly critical when dealing with foreign countries.  The firm maintains a network of more than 70 foreign lawyers and agents with whom it regularly works in intellectual property law transactions.  The firm’s network of foreign associates assists in compliance with foreign laws and regulations, and provides for a more enforceable and understandable agreement.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Gerard von Hoffmann in our Orange County, California office.