Computing and Software Services

Our experience as an FDA certified Medical Device Manufacturer enables us to effectively augment the resources of companies developing new computer based products for the medical community.
The CDI team combines electronic, software, and mechanical disciplines to provide our customers with innovative and complete engineering solutions. We have extensive experience with catheter production and test equipment and guide wire production and test equipment, as well as, specializing in both custom and standard solutions for leak, burst, and flow testing.
DeviceLab is a contract medical device design and product development firm. We are a full service company for mechanical engineering, electronics, software, industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing, FDA regulatory consulting and product testing services.
Our focus is to help our clients deal with the complexities of document management and quality management. We are the first enterprise level document management system that is based on a single, fixed price. DocLineUp licensing is not based on the number of read-only, read/write, or concurrent users. For one affordable price, your organization can use DocLineUp to manage an unlimited number of any type of users.
As the medical business environment continues to evolve at a rapid pace, medical devices and pharmaceutical products must meet stringent standards for safety, efficacy and affordability. Our portfolio of products is uniquely positioned to supply you with technologies and materials that help design and deliver medical devices with clear competitive advantages. We focus on three distinct segments: Coatings, Drug Delivery and Biomedical Materials. Furthermore, our range of performance materials is always complemented by a broad range of technical solutions in the area of development, prototyping and manufacturing.
Dynic USA was established in 1988 to serve as a manufacturing center for impact printer ribbons. In 1991, the company’s role was expanded to include the marketing and manufacture of thermal transfer ribbons and coated fabrics
At eBridge Solutions, we’ve worked with thousands of companies across a variety of industries to reduce their dependence on paper by moving to electronic document management. Because we are a web-based, on-demand service, nearly every business can take advantage of our document imaging technology with ease.
EIN-SOF is a global software development company that specializes in building mission critical software for some of the largest companies in the world.  We are equally adept at building a small mobile platform, a custom solution, enterprise level platform or embedded technology.  By combining local management and expertise with European resources, we are able to deliver a tremendous service at a very cost effective price point.
EDC vertically integrates Design, Automated Test and Manufacturing to assist OEM’s in creating and delivering quality market leading products on time. We have been providing uniquely engineered solutions across all major markets for over a decade
Epicor for Medical Devices is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed for organizations that manufacture medical devices. The solution goes beyond traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide financial management, product management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and more.
Esker solutions speed up the revenue cycle, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability. For organizations running SAP applications or other ERP systems, Esker offers a comprehensive solution spanning multiple business processes in the cash conversion cycle
Capitalizing on our ability to enrich user interface controls utilizing a myriad of technologies, Advanced Input Systems has developed input devices and control panels for Ultrasound, CT, MR, and X-ray modalities. Input device developments have been completed for Oncology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, patient monitoring, radiology, OBGYN applications.
Device Manufacturers are challenged with maintaining Quality Management systems that can adapt to the changing market needs, provide tools to shorten product development lifecycles, manage the supply chain, and are compliant with a wide range of regulatory requirements. Having an FDA Compliance Software system to maintain compliance to the variety of regulatory requirements, and adapting to business processes is very important to the medical device industry.
Evana Automation is a leading Systems Integrator and builder of custom automated assembly systems and test systems. We utilize diverse technologies to specialize in motion control, robotics integration, and system architecture by linking production equipment, material handling systems, data collection, networking, software, and computer hardware into flexible, unified technology.
We provide the entrepreneurial world with business software solutions. We love doing this because we share the same entrepreneurial spirit. We understand that small and medium-sized businesses need control over all business activities and that’s how our solutions can support you. This way, you have the freedom to concentrate on what’s important: adding value to your business.
HSP is the leader in international business services. Our mission is to simplify the management and control of existing international operations and any planned international expansion, so our clients can capitalize on their overseas growth opportunities. We are focused on extending the capabilities of headquarters-based Finance, HR and Legal executives, and their teams, by offering a single point of accountability across lifecycles, functions and geographies.
ImageIQ is an imaging contract research, development and service organization that deploys experts and technology to solve imaging challenges, resulting in unique scientific insight, improved speed, accuracy and reproducibility. Unlike traditional imaging core labs or contract software companies, ImageIQ combines powerful software engineering, biomedical expertise and imaging experience for the full life cycle of your research, trial, technology development and process improvement.
In today’s medical device world, compliance is critical to ensure your product development efforts can withstand the scrutiny of legal, regulatory, and quality audits. The days of undocumented competitive sample procurement are a thing of the past.
For more than 127 years, companies around the world have depended on Intertek to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems. We go beyond testing, inspecting and certifying products; we help customers improve performance, gain efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics, overcome market constraints, and reduce risk. We’ve earned a reputation for helping our customers increase the value of their products, gain competitive advantage, and develop trusted brands.  Through our services we help our clients to minimise the adverse health and environmental impact of their products and processes for the benefit of society as a whole.
For more than 30 years Invetech has been at the forefront of breakthrough product development and automation, helping companies get new products to market through innovative design, engineering and manufacturing.