Adhesive Suppliers

As the medical business environment continues to evolve at a rapid pace, medical devices and pharmaceutical products must meet stringent standards for safety, efficacy and affordability. Our portfolio of products is uniquely positioned to supply you with technologies and materials that help design and deliver medical devices with clear competitive advantages. We focus on three […]

DYMAX manufactures industrial adhesives including UV light curable adhesives, epoxy resins, cyanoacrylates, and activator-cured adhesives. DYMAX adhesives and curing systems optimize the speed of automated assembly, allow for 100% in-line inspection, and increase throughput. A complete line of UV light curing systems that are compatible with UV light curing adhesives is also manufactured by DYMAX. […]

Ellsworth Adhesives is a global corporation specializing in the distribution of specialty chemicals and equipment. We distribute a wide range of adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings, encapsulates, tapes, soldering products, surface preparations, specialty chemicals, maintenance and repair products and dispensing equipment. Not only is our product line extensive, but we are the only integrator specializing in […]

Epoxy Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty adhesives for use in advanced technology applications. The worlds’ most important companies in the electronics, medical device, semiconductor and fiber optics industries rely on Epoxy Technology’s products for their superior quality and performance.

We are global leaders in the development, manufacture and distribution of precision-coated papers, films and specialty substrates for imaging, electronics, medical and optical technologies. With our state of the art facilities, we apply our key technology platforms to develop high performance products for the most challenging applications.

Foreal is committed to offering coating service for laser, biotech, and medical industries based on our unique Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) process.  We routinely produce complicated optical coatings with custom specifications. We specialize in high performance polarization management coatings. We also make Stereo and Mini-projectors, LED illumination engines/modules for DLP & LCOS, and related high […]

As a global supplier of thin films, foams, foils and adhesives, Fralock is positioned to meet our customer’s needs around the world. With over 150 employees, Fralock provides converting, prototyping, manufacturing and automated placement services using ISO 9001/AS9100 Certified quality standards. Fralock combines and convert materials through contractual relationships with approved national and multinational suppliers

Web Industries has a long history in providing contract converting services—slitting, spooling, traverse winding, laminating, printing, coating, die-cutting, and more

Zymet is a manufacturer of adhesives and encapsulants used in electronics and microelectronics assembly. Its adhesives include electrically conductive adhesives, thermally conductive adhesives, anisotropically conductive adhesives, ultra-low stress adhesives, and optoelectronics adhesives. Its encapsulants include UV curable glob top encapsulants, dam-and-fill encapsulants, and under fill encapsulants. Its under fill encapsulants include flip chip encapsulants and […]