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As the leading IP services company in the United States, the USPTO selected Cardinal to conduct their PCT searches and prepare preliminary opinions across all subject categories. Cardinal offers an experienced team of over 150 U.S.-based research professionals, more than half holding Masters, Ph.D.s, and/or J.D.s.
Find the latest announcements, calendars, filings and dispositions posted by the CAFC. Including Federal Circuit opinions in medical device litigation.
Find selected damages awards in medical device litigation
Delphion from Thomson Reuters is a popular website for IP and scientific research.
For more than two decades, Global Prior Art has provided unparalleled support to leading law firms and companies in the areas of intellectual property management and strategic business decisions. Global Prior Art began as a pioneer in the field of international prior art searches and has evolved into the worldwide leader in IP analysis.
A search engine for filed and issued patents.
A library catalog search run by Google.
Knobbe Martens represents companies in all areas of the medical device industry. Services in these areas include: patentability searches and opinions, preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications, infringement and validity searches and opinions, and “design around” assistance, patent appeals, interferences, reexaminations and reissues, litigation and intellectual property components of investment diligence.
Since 2012, IPRs have emerged as one of the most significant developments in intellectual property. Knobbe Martens has produced two short videos to help get you up to speed on these important procedures. Even if you are already familiar with IPRs, these videos illustrate how actual IPR practitioners might approach some common issues.    
Landon IP is recognized as the global leader in professional patent searching. It analyzes patents and scientific information in several languages, conducts technical intelligence, and consults to governments, corporations, and law firms worldwide.
Provides patent searches in all major technologies, including medical devices.
MCRA’s Intellectual Property department provides highly relevant and context-specific patent searches and IP analyses with an exclusive focus on the medical device field. Each member of MCRA’s Intellectual Property group has former experience as a patent examiner at the USPTO.
Download U.S. patents (in PDF) from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Find patent statistics, including patent application filings, patents granted, patents in force and more from the World Intellectual Property Organization website.
A resource for patent litigation statistics posted by the University of Houston Law Center, provides quarterly and annual statistics on rulings
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Former Patent Examiner specializing in patentability and third party patent evaluation searches. E-Mail:
This article from the Intellogist explores best practices and recommendations for medical device searchers.
Find links to general patent and trademark statistics from the USPTO.