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Find summaries of recent Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit opinions.
TechAgreements provides Business Professionals and Lawyers with access to the actual agreements used in over 500,000 transactions covering over 30 industries.
TPR’s medical device searchers have a healthy cross-section of subject experience, encompassing strong biological, chemical, physiological and medical knowledge, along with expertise in a range of mechanical and electrical art. They will always seek to understand what benefit a device has, how it works, and the most effective approach to searching for its differentiating features, especially for areas of ‘common’ art e.g. catheters, needles, and stents.
An Agency of the United States Department of Commerce, the USPTO offers an IP database, education, policies and procedures, and reports pertaining to patent filings.
The USPTO site can retrieve the status of your patent application.
Search the USPTO database for issued and filed or pending patents and applications.
This site offers patent assignment information for issued patents and published applications.
The Trademark Electronic Search System offers online searching of existing trademark application and registration information. It provides public access to the same text and image database of trademarks that is currently provided to examining attorneys at the USPTO.
This is the USPTO Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval system. From this page, you can retrieve information about pending and registered trademarks obtained from the USPTO’s internal database by simply entering a valid trademark serial number or registration number.
As an evolution of Washington Patent Services, WashPat LLC is a recognized leader in the patent services industry, having successfully provided the highest level of research and results for every type of product and idea conceivable for more than 25 years.