Medical Device Clients

Abela Pharma (Pharma)
AcousTx Corp (Therapeutic Ultrasound Devices)
Acufocus, Inc. (Intracorneal Inlays)
Advanced Ossius Technologies, Inc. (Ultrasonic Hip Revision Tools)
Advanced Surgical Interventions, Inc. (BHP Stents)
Alliance Medical Technologies, Inc. (Heart Valves and Cardiovascular Devices)
Alphatec Spine, Inc. (Spinal Implants)
Alure Medical, Inc. (Cosmetic Implants)
Amsino Medical Group (Safety Catheters and Syringes)
Angiotrax (Medical Devices Used in Transmyocardial Revascularization)
Applied Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Biometric Sensing and Analyzing Systems, Body Sensors for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine)
Appriva Medical, Inc. (Left Atrial Appendage Closure Devices)
ARO Medical (Spinal Implants)
Arvent Corporation (Respirators)
Aspire Medical, Inc. (Sleep Apnea Devices)
Atrionix, Inc. (Ablation Catheters for Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation)
Attenuex (Implants to Treat Urinary Incontinence)
Beckman Instruments (Medical Analytical Instrumentation)
Benvenue Medical (Orthopedic Spine)
Biogauge-Nordic Bioimpedence Research AS (Sweat Activity Monitor)
Biointerfaces, Inc. (Bone Grafts, Implantable Prostheses)
Birsect, LLC (Autologous Breast Implants)
Buffalo Neurosurgery Group (Intracranial Devices)
Cardiaq Valve Technologies (Heart Valves)
Cardio Medical Solutions, Inc. (Cardiovascular Devices)
CardioVascular Dynamics, Inc. (Angioplasty Catheters)
CardioVascular Technologies, LLC (Mitral Valve Repair for CHF)
Carnegie Mellon University (Joint Assessment and Diagnosis)
Carol Cole Company (Facial Toning and Stimulation Devices)
Carticept Medical, Inc. (Orthopedic Devices)
Cayenne Medical, Inc. (Knee Implants)
Cedar-Sinai Medical Center (Coronary Catheters)
Cenorin – Cenor (Medical Barriers, Sleeves, Straps, and Clasps)
Chestnut Medical Technologies, Inc. (Neurovascular Stents)
Chicago Growth Partners
Chrontech Pharma (Pharma)
Cianna Medical, Inc. (Soft Tissue Fixation Implants)
CMS Surgical (General)
Conceptus Incorporated (Tubal Ligation)
CoreValve, Inc. (Percutaneous Heart Valves)
CVRx, Inc. (Baroreflex Stimulators)
Cytori Therapeutics (Adipose-derived Stem Cell Isolation Device Used for Augmentations, Cardiovascular Repair, and Osteo-Prosthetic Implants)
D2SURG (Gastric Bypass)
Dendron GmbH (Cardiovascular)
Denmark Technical Institute
Dentatek Corporation (Root Canal Treatments)
Devax, Inc. (Bifurcation Stents)
DexCom (Glucose Monitors)
DFine, Inc. (Spinal Vertoplasty Height Restoration/ Spinal Implants/ Bone Cutters)
Direct Flow Medical, Inc. (Percutaneous Heart Valves)
Edge (Skin Aesthetics)
Edonetics, Inc. (Sub mucosal Implants To Treat GERD)
EKOS (Neovascular, Peripheral Vascular, and Ultrasound Catheters)
Embrella Cardiovascular, Inc. (Embolic Deflectors)
Endicor Medical, Inc. (Cardiovascular, Rotational Artherectomy Catheters)
Endius (Ortho/Spine)
Endoclear, LLC (Endotracheal Tube Cleaning Devices)
Endologix, Inc. (AAA Grafts)
Entellus Medical, Inc. (Chronic Sinusitis Therapy Catheters)
eV3, Inc. (Vascular Treatment Devices, Cardiovascular, Catheters, and Stents)
Evera Medical, Inc. (Cosmetic Implants)
Facet Solutions, Inc. (Spinal Implants)
Flex Partners, Inc.
Flow Cardia, Inc. (Endovascular Tools for Crossing Chronic Total Occlusions (CTOs))
Miramar Labs (Microwave-Based Treatments on Tissue)
Glaukos Corp. (Intraocular Implants and Devices)
GluMetrics, Inc. (Intravascular and Interstitial Fiber Optic Glucose Sensors)
GreenCut Industries (Surgical Saw)
Gynemed, LLC (Laboratory Devices for Cellular Sample Analysis)
Gyntec (General)
Healthdyne, Inc. (Home Care Electronic Monitoring and Diagnostic Devices)
Hudson Respiratory Care, Inc. (Respirators, Nebulizers, Humidifiers and Related Electronics and Instrumentation)
ICU Medical, Inc. (Infusion Devices and Connectors)
IDev Technologies, Inc. (Vascular Treatment Devices)
I-Flow Corp. (Drug Infusion Pump)
Image Analysis, Inc. (CAT Scan Density Analysis Software and Instrumentation)
Imagyn Medical Systems, Inc. (OB/GYN Devices)
IMD Group, Ltd. (Retractable Safety Syringes)
IMRA America (Litigation)
Infusion Systems, Inc. (Ambulatory Patient Infusion Pumps)
InnerOptic (Image Guided Surgical Systems)
Innervision Medical Technologies, Inc. (High Resolution Ultrasound)
Inogen, Inc. (Oxygen Concentrator Device)
Interface Associates, Inc. (Balloon Catheters)
Interlace Medical, Inc. (Uterine Fibroid Catheters, Inflation Media)
Intersect Partners, LLC
Interventional Spine, Inc. (Spinal Implants)
Intrinsic Therapeutics (Spinal implants)
Iradimed Corp, LLC. (MRI Infusion Pumps)
JL2, LLC (Vascular Grafts)
John Wayne Cancer Institute (Circulating DNA Detection)
Jotec GmbH (Stent Delivery)
Kamøy Enterprises AS (Device for Non-invasive Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins)
Keimar, Inc. (Blood Monitoring Devices)
KFx Medical (Bone Anchors)
Kinetic Surgical (Robotics)
Kona Medical (Formerly Therus) (Therapeutic Ultrasound)
Kringle Pharma Europe AB (Patch for Treatment of Diabetic Skin Ulcers)
Leptos Biomedical (Aesthetics)
Loma Linda University Medical Center (Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices and Proton Therapy Devices)
Masimo Corp. (Patient Monitoring Devices and Systems)
Medicis, Inc. (Liposculpture Devices)
Medscansonics (Acoustic Detection of Coronary Artery Disease)
Medstone International (Lithotripsy Devices)
Medtronic, Inc. (Cardiovascular Devices)
MiCardia Corporation (Adjustable Annuloplasty Rings)
Micro Therapeutics (Cardiovascular)
MitraLife, Inc. (Coronary Sinus Implants)
MP Biomedicals (Various Macromolecular Extraction Devices)
NAS Medical Technologies (Pedicle Screw)
Neoguide (Advanced Internal Access)
NeoMatrix, Inc. (Breast Cancer Screening)
NIH (Laparoscopic Morcellation Device)
Nobel Biocare, USA, Inc. (General, Dental Implants, and Prosthetic Dentistry)
Nobles Medical (Suturing Devices)
Nocimed (General)
Novalign Orthopaedics, Inc. (Intermedullary Bone Fixation, Ortho/Spine)
Optiscan Biomedical Corp. (Noninvasive Spectroscopic Glucose Monitor, and Measurement)
Orthalign, Inc. (Surgical Orientation Devices)
Oslo Universitetssykehus HF (Tumor monitoring system; needle positioning;)
Osseon Therapeutics, LLC (Vertebroplasty)
Össur hf (Prosthetic Limbs, Orthotics)
Pacesetter, Inc. (Subsidiary of St. Jude Medical) (Pacemakers and Defibrillators)
Panadent, Inc. (Dental Articulators)
Patents Plus, LLC (Artificial Total Heart)
PeriOptix (Surgical and Dental Loupes)
Pharmacia-Upjohn (Ophthalmic Devices Including Intraocular Lenses and Glaucoma Shunts)
PhotoMedex (Dermatology Devices, Laser Therapies)
Photothera, Inc. (Devices for Providing Phototherapy)
Pilot Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (ACQUIRED By U.S.C.I) (Steerable Guide Wires and Angioplasty Catheters)
Progenix, LLC
QuantuMDx Group Limited (Handheld PCR Devices)
Radiance Medical, Inc. (Intravascular Brachytherapy)
Resolution Biomedical (Laboratory Solutions for Cellular Sample Analysis)
Reva Medical, Inc. (Intravascular Slide-and-Lock and Absorbable Stents)
Rigshospitalet (Double-wire Non-trapping Angioplasty Catheter)
S.I.P.E. LLC (Intravascular Grafts)
Sapheon Therapeutics, LLC (Saphenous Vein Closure)
Savacor, Inc. (ACQUIRED by St. Jude CRDM) (Implantable Cardiac Pressure Sensors, Pacemakers and Rhythm Management Systems)
Scope Medical, Inc. (Angiographic Guide Catheters)
Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute (Ventilators and Bubble CPAP Devices)
Shoulder Innovations, LLC (Glenoid Replacement Implants)
SmartDisc (Artificial Spinal Disk)
Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics (Orthopedics, Hip/knee Implants)
Smith & Nephew, Inc. (Wound Therapy)
Solace Therapeutics (Implants to treat Urinary Incontinence, SUI Implants)
Spinal Elements, Inc. (Orthopedic Spine implants)
Spinal Kinetics (Total Spinal Disc Replacement)
Spinal USA (Spinal Implants)
SpineOvations (Micro particle Implant Material for Spinal Disk Bulking)
Sterilis, Inc. (Sterilization Devices)
Surgilight, Inc. (Presbyopia Treatment)
SynergEyes, Inc. (Hybrid Contact lenses)
Telesis Research, LLC (Absorbable Vascular Stents)
Thoratec Corporation (Circulatory Assist Devices)
Tisugen Therapeutics, LLC (Transcutaneous Tissue Stimulation)
TranS1, Inc. (Spinal Fusion Implants, Orthopedic Spine)
Triage Medical, Inc. (Bone Fracture Fixation Screws)
Tripep AB (Injection Devices for Vaccine Delivery)
Tryton Medical, Inc. (Bifurcation Stents)
Ulthera (Aesthetics & Trademark, Cosmetic Ultrasound)
UROS Corp. (Urinary Tract Infusers)
ValenTx, Inc. (Endolumenal Gastric Bypass)
Venetec (Securement Devices)
Vertelink Corp (Spinal Implants)
Vesica Medical, Inc. (SUI Suspension Systems)
Vesta Medical (Medical Waste Sorting Systems)
Visiogen, Inc. (Intraocular Lenses, Accommodating IOLs and IOL Injectors)
VNUS Medical Technologies (Vein Closure & Varicose Vein Removal)

Additional Information

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