Accu-Seal table top validatable impulse heat sealers and constant heat (hot bar) sealers are designed specifically for the medical packaging industry for sealing applications that require process validation of seals, IQ – OQ- PQ. Our heat sealers are designed for sealing and vacuum sealing a wide variety of pouch materials in cleanroom, laminar flow hood.
A multinational packaging leader, our origins are Australian but our presence and future are global and diverse
At Automated Packaging Systems we help customers achieve their packaging goals by providing a Total Systems Approach to bag packaging. We work closely with our customers to understand their key issues and requirements. We evaluate the entire bag packaging operation including bagging machines, bag materials and services. Then we develop complete packaging solutions that increase our customers’ productivity and profitability.
You’ll profit from the solid advantages of Belco Medical Tray Sealers. These ruggedly-built machines provide the framework for greater productivity and less maintenance, which means higher productivity for you. Year after year, Belco’s durable, heavy-duty, fully-welded tubular steel frames give you dependable performance and consistent results … and that’s crucial in the medical packaging industry.
Berry Plastics has grown into a leading manufacturer of injection-molded plastic packaging, thermoformed products, flexible films and tapes and coatings. The company’s sales are focused in four divisions: Rigid Open Top, Rigid Closed Top, Flexible Films and Tapes and Coatings
Brookdale Plastic’s technical team has decades of experience developing protective, high tolerance packaging for the medical industry. We know your high standards require a Class 100,000 clean room, ISO 9001:2008 certification and often high-quality, sterile medication packaging, pharmaceutical plastics & barrier trays. That’s why you want to use Brookdale Plastics.
Command Medical offers the production of disposable medical devices. Command’s core competencies include extrusion of medical tubing, R.F. welding, assembly and packaging services
We specialize in precision custom plastic injection molding, medical clean-room molding, design engineering, mold manufacturing, assembly, testing, and packaging.
Cortegra is an ISO 9001 certified provider of cGMP compliant packaging and labeling services and brand authentication technology for the pharmaceutical and related industries.
Forefront is an integrated medical device contract manufacturer that provides collaborative product design and development, rapid SLS prototyping, tool making, injection moulding and extrusion, clean room scalable assembly and packaging, testing, sterilisation and global logistics.