Alpha Source is your supplier for biomedical repair parts and supplies. Alpha Source has over 20 years experience supplying medical replacement lamps, Xenon lamps, medical batteries, medical battery packs, patient cables and leadwires, medical diagnostic instruments, repair parts, pulse oximeter sensors, X-ray battery systems, laptop batteries, medical fiber optic cables, surgical headlights, and electrical components.
Alpha Wire has engineered wire and cables that excel in taming tough applications. From the harsh environment of a factory floor, to critical controls on an offshore oil rig, cables from Alpha Wire are working reliably day-in and day-out. We design and manufacture every cable to meet the critical demands of real-world applications. Using premium materials, advanced manufacturing, and world-class quality control, we manufacture every cable knowing its operation is critical to an application
Amphenol Alden delivers custom and standard medical interconnect and cable assembly solutions for: Patient Monitoring Surgical Defibrillation Diagnotic Imaging Therapeutics Robotics Dental Opthalmic Cosmetic Surgery and many other medical applications. Combining unmatched vertically integrated capabilities and technologies, product breadth, engineering expertise, FDA registered facilities, ISO 13485 certified operations, we provide you with optimized interconnect and cabling solutions designed specifically for your medical application.
We offer design solutions and manufacturing expertise, specializing in cable assemblies, wire harnesses, battery packs, and mechanical assemblies to help our customers maintain their preeminence in highly competitive markets. We’ve successfully partnered with companies in the environmental, telecommunications, medical, automation, military and semiconductor equipment industries.
C&M Corporation is a cable manufacturer specializing in custom cable, cable assemblies, and coil cord solutions.
Since our founding, CMA has been committed to three core values; to provide a quality cable assembly product, working in partnership with our customers through the entire design process, all while providing excellent customer service.
Coast Wire & Plastic Tech., Inc., is a manufacturer of custom electronic wire and cable products for the medical instrumentation and commercial electronic industries.
ESAM is a well-established full service contract manufacturer of custom cable/wire assemblies, wire/cable harnesses, and electrical/pneumatic box builds.
Whether you’re looking for round wire or flat wire of any shape, strands or composites like DFT®, Titanium alloys or Nitinol, Fort Wayne Metals will custom draw the product you need. Our production facilities are geared specifically for producing medical grade wire and cable. We offer a large variety of cleaning processes to fit your needs. And if you’re looking for special shapes, end welds or beads, our custom assembly operation can accommodate virtually every application.
ASI manufacturers cables for sophisticated burn victim hospital beds, hospital operating room equipment, dental equipment and hospital X-ray machines for a growing number of medical device providers. ASI’s quality and attention to detail insures that the end user of the product receives the value expected when making the purchase and allows the equipment provider to focus on producing the heart of the system.